Start Laser Tattoo Removal Now and Have the Skin You Want by Summer

A tattoo is meant to last a lifetime. But your desire for it may not last that long. Whether your tattoo has become blurred, faded, or embarrassing, you might be wishing you could get rid of it.

If you’re bothered by an unwanted tattoo, it’s time to learn more about laser tattoo removal. Tattoo removal works by destroying the pigment in the tattoo, but the size, location, and colors of the tattoo influence how easy it is to eliminate.

Find the best in laser tattoo removal at Ethos Medical Group. Our team is highly trained in PicoSure®, one of the most effective laser treatments for tattoo removal on all skin types and tattoo colors.

It’s possible to get rid of that embarrassing tattoo with the help of PicoSure. If you start treatment now, the tattoo could vanish by the time summer rolls around.

Your tattoo can disappear by summer

PicoSure gives our team unparalleled control when it comes to treating unwanted tattoos. The PicoSure laser is a short-pulse laser that targets a wide range of tattoo pigments in patients with all types of skin.

When you get tattoo removal, intense laser energy is directed at the tattoo. Ink particles absorb the energy, which breaks up the particles. Your body then eliminates the particles and the tattoo disappears from your skin.

Most tattoos need a series of treatments for complete removal. Our team assesses your skin type and tone, along with the size, location, and colors of your tattoo to develop your removal treatment plan.

Certain ink colors are more difficult to remove, but in general, patients see great results with a series of four to 10 treatment sessions. Each tattoo removal session is spaced six to eight weeks apart to give your skin time to heal.

Starting tattoo removal now means that your tattoo will be significantly lighter — and maybe completely unnoticeable — by the time swimsuit season comes around.

What to expect with laser tattoo removal

At Ethos Medical Group, we customize every patient’s tattoo removal treatment plan. While the number of PicoSure sessions you’ll need can vary depending on your unique tattoo, each treatment session takes an average of 10 minutes.

We begin by preparing your skin and guiding the PicoSure device over the tattoo. Many patients say that laser treatment feels like a rubber band snapping against your skin. If the sensations are uncomfortable, we can use topical numbing cream and other methods to minimize pain during your tattoo removal procedures.

Follow our team’s guidelines during and after laser tattoo removal. It’s important to protect your skin with sunscreen and avoid sun exposure as much as possible to protect your skin from sun damage.

With PicoSure, there’s little risk of side effects during recovery. Some people experience hyperpigmentation or skin lightening in the treated area, but this generally fades as your skin continues to heal.

You can expect your tattoo to virtually disappear after you complete your treatment plan. And since the color particles are permanently destroyed, your results are permanent.

Don’t let that embarrassing tattoo keep you from enjoying a carefree summer. Book an appointment with our team to find out more about laser tattoo removal. Call today or book online.

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