TempSure™ Envi: Tighten Loose Skin Without Surgery

It’s an unavoidable part of aging that everyone encounters at some point. Their skin loses laxity and luster and begins to advertise the passage of time. It doesn’t matter how young you feel, collagen production declines, your skin becomes dry, and the effects of elements like sun and wind start to show.

There are plenty of treatments that address the symptoms of aging skin, but many are superficial, glossing over the problem but not attacking the source of deterioration. The TempSure® Envi system acts directly on your skin’s middle layers, creating conditions that encourage natural renewal of the collagen tissue that’s key to the health of your skin.

When you’re ready for tighter, fresher skin, it’s time to contact the medical aesthetic specialists at Ethos Medical Group. Dr. Grace Wu and her team offer TempSure Envi treatments to their patients seeking safe and reliable ways to renew their skin.

Monopolar radiofrequency energy

There are many ways to stimulate the growth of new collagen in your skin’s middle layer. Dermabrasion and chemical peels create controlled damage to the outer and middle layers, and you get fresh, young-looking results, but only after the damage from the treatment heals, which could be weeks, depending on how aggressive the treatment.

The TempSure Envi system works gently, through your surface skin, using radiofrequency energy to warm collagen and other tissues in the middle layers, without damaging the outer tissue. Laser treatments work in a similar way, but because they use light energy, they aren’t safe for use around your eyes.

TempSure Envi won’t harm your eyes, but instead will help fill in the lines and wrinkles that surround them, creating a younger and smoother appearance. The secret is in the turnover of collagen. TempSure Envi starts a natural process that removes existing, deteriorating collagen and replaces it with newly generated tissue.

How TempSure Envi works

As your skin absorbs the radiofrequency energy delivered by TempSure Envi, the middle layer absorbs the radio waves and warms gently to a point at which your body senses damage. You won’t feel this. In fact, you’ll likely enjoy the controlled warming, said by some to resemble the effects of a hot stone massage.

There’s no need for anesthetics. It’s not a surgical procedure and you have no downtime for recovery. In fact, you can schedule the 45- to 60-minute treatment in the middle of the day and return to your normal activities immediately after.

In the weeks after your treatment, the warmed collagen is flushed from your body while new tissue starts to form. With this tissue comes new volume and nutrients. Blood flow is stimulated, and your skin starts to show the benefits. TempSure Envi is an ideal complement to virtually any skin care regimen. You’ll see lines and wrinkles fill in while skin discolorations fade.

Find out more about the TempSure Envi system and the benefits it can offer you. The team at Ethos Medical Group can help you devise a beauty plan that includes radiofrequency skin renewal. Call or click today.

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